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They only set objectives that can be attained in a certain time frame.

A career in administrative management or logistics are well suited for people born on December 29th. They hate being lied to as well. People born on the 29th of December are very organized individuals. They are also very persistent people, most especially when they are aiming to achieve a specific goal. These people are also extremely reliable during tough times. In fact, they seem to put others needs above their own. People born on December 29th should learn that to be able to get more out of life, sometimes they need to take big risks. Saturn inspires creativity and enthusiasm.

People who are influenced by this celestial body are highly spiritual.

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You should also avoid feeling that every situation or every rumor has something to do with you. A little empathy and compassion go a long way.

This color reflects the power of transition and new beginnings. You have a tremendous ability to survive transitions and come out on top. British actor Jude Law, besides being something of a heartthrob, is the famous face with which you share a birthday if you were born on 29th December as a Capricorn. And in fact, you need only take a look at Mr.

Your December Horoscope, Revealed

Law has a cool, calculated and mysterious exterior that is shared by many a soul also sharing his birthday of 29th December. This ability to adapt, as well as to fight for what you believe is right — exemplified by Law through his activism work — is what defines those born on 29th December as those who never give up, never give in, and do their utmost for those less fortunate than themselves.

You are quite imaginative and you can see the opportunity in every situation. As long as you are able to safely distance yourself from your emotions, you would be able to make better decisions. They do not fear taking responsibility for their actions, always willing to act on as broad a scale as possible. Their ambition is insatiable. Their character is very decisive, weakness is not a part of it. Capable of strong attachments — albeit with a touch of egoism in everything they do.

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As a result, they are often at risk of bad experiences — they are overwhelmed by a feeling of disappointment and hunger for vengeance on those responsible. It should be added that they are quite a mysterious person who is prone to strange fantasies and caprices — yet still talented and inventive.

December 29 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of the laid-back commander

Their virtues include patience, perseverance, frugality, confidence, faithfulness, honesty, justice — all of them are very prominent in developed individuals. Their flaws.

Personality and Character

However, when they stay on a low level of development — they have too much egoism, which stand in the way of their development and progress in life. When it happens, egoism is also accompanied by a disdain for others, jealousy, delusions, skepticism, stinginess and hatred. What threatens them?

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Their negative character traits easily cause rivalry in life, which might eventually lead to loneliness — at which point they will care only for themselves.

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