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To do so means someone or something has to move, in fact perform a degree turn to get together. We have the Moon in Aries today which means we will have emotional reactions to something that make us want to take action.

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Just don't overreact. Monday - Mercury will oppose Chiron at the 4 degree mark of Aries. In Aries we are working on the wounds of self. This opposition means how we communicate with a partners is directly related to this wound. Are you closed off? Is your temper short? Are you so caught up in your own wounds or journey that you can't see how closed off you are from your partner? Mercury in Libra wants us to communicate openly with one another. It can be written, spoken, even unspoken, but the key is to be open.

When we don't communicate with those we care about, we are being emotionally unavailable. The best way to heal our wounds is by communicating with others. We might think we know what is best, know all the best teachers, know all the best 'ways'. But what other people do, especially our partners, is give us a fresh perspective.

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They are our little messengers and we need to be open to their teachings. We are learning over the next several days how to balance communicating with others while healing ourselves.

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In fact if you are able to simply say, "hey I am sorry I am so quiet right now, I am just trying to work something out about myself", you might bring great relief to the other person who has no idea why you aren't talking to them anymore. On the flip side of this if you are relying too heavily on someone else to do the healing work for you, that also needs to be reeled back in. We cannot hand our healing over to someone else. We can get advice and support, but ultimately we own our healing journey and need to make the decision on how we are going to pursue it. Tuesday - 2 energies building all week are the Mars and Pluto trine, which will really fire us up to take some action, and Saturn stationing will finally go direct.

This will come into effect in full force on Thursday, but you may already begin to feel some restrictions lifting, as Saturn sees you have been doing the work in whatever house he sits in for your personal chart. Otherwise as the planets start lining up and meeting with Saturn he is going to quickly put you back in line. So let the square be a gentle checkpoint vs a ruler to the knuckles. The Moon with Uranus in Taurus today might having us all over the board with our emotions.

This could lead to impulse spending, interesting internet dating stories, or a weird call from your mom. Just be prepared to expect the unexpected where you emotions and intuition are concerned. Venus will be exactly opposite Chiron today so she follows up the work of Mercury with a need to express love in our partnerships. So you have had a few days now to figure out what you need to say, and now it's time to express yourself. But again you have to be real.

You can't just only talk about lovey dovey things. This is time for real conversation, for going deep. You can't heal a rift or a wound unless you are willing to get real with your partners. So be open, be willing to tell them what you need. And if your partner is too stuck in their own healing to devote time to your relationship then maybe it's time to move on.

There is a little stand off going on right now and you have to decide how you are going to come together. Aries is bossy and independent. Libra is loving and just wants everyone to get along. The question of the day is how do you not lose your identity in your relationships? A trine is something that brings success, and with the slightest bit of effort things can fall into place for you.

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This of course depends on what other work is going on with these planets in your chart. You almost can't not feel motivated on a day like today. Tune in to what the message is from the Moon, it is the key to what it is you need to transform. And Mars will help you come up with the plan of action as he sits in Virgo, who you know has a spreadsheet ready to track your progress.

The Moon moves quickly so don't let this opportunity pass you by. Take advantage of this harmonious energy day! Thursday - Hallelujah Saturn is finally out of retrograde.


Very very slowly things related to Saturn will start to move forward. You will see this impacting government's in particular. There is a reason there has been so much turmoil, and that reason is Saturn. In retrograde we are expected to go within, learn, and then take action based on those learnings. And keep in mind Saturn moving forward is about to meetup with the South Node which is moving back towards Saturn.

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This is one big dose of karmic lessons, so keep an eye out for a big scandal in the realm of government. In your personal life you are looking at where you have been stalled, and now should have a plan of action for how you will move forward.

This South Node contact may bring someone from the past who will help you clear up some karma. Remember that we reap what we sow.

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How this shows up for you will be dependent on the work you have been doing. Have you been open to learning Saturn's lessons? I sure hope so! The grand trine from yesterday shifts a bit to include the Sun. An opportunity shows up for you as a reward for the hard work you have been doing. Yay you!! Friday - Mercury and Venus both make a nice connection over to the Moon in Gemini. So we have a lot of positive Air energy today. This makes communication with our partners loving, open and honest. Popular free psychic readings. Search articles.

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